A Comprehensive Energy Services Company

Ace Energy is an industry leader in energy and environmental efficiency measures. As a privately held company we pride ourselves on our ability to take decisive action that enables us to focus on and adapt to our clients needs. Project after project we are helping clients save millions of dollars while creating a safer, greener earth.

We specialize in customizable energy-efficient lighting solutions and power management resources. Ace Energy provides you with consulting, analysis, design and complete turnkey solutions for businesses nationwide seeking to reduce energy costs and consumption.

For over a decade we have brought leadership and innovation to the complexities of lighting and energy initiatives. Our commitment to service and customer satisfaction has enabled us to now provide building automation and controls to our suite of initiatives. We are constantly working to provide you with additional savings, comfort and flexibility. Our SMARTEnergy Services include:

  • Energy Efficient Lighting Upgrades
  • Building and Facility Automation
  • Metering Solutions
  • Heating & Cooling Controls
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Did you know?

Lighting accounts for nearly 30% of all commercial energy use.

A typical SMART Light Upgrade will cut your associated electrical cost in half.

Most SMART Light projects achieve a payback between 8 and 18 months.

Interval Data

SMART Meter tells you when and how you use your electricity: PowerPay! SMART Meter provides you with
“interval data”.

Interval data is hour by hour kW and kWh usage

Unexplained Costs?

Anomalies in your energy patterns cost you money.

SMART Meter helps identify these anomalies so you can correct them and save $$$

Energy Cost Tracking

SMART Meter allows you to track your energy costs, including a forecast of what your costs will be into the future based on your energy profile.

At the same time tracking your carbon footprint.